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Chubei Yagyu

名称未設定 5.jpgI like to call myself a yōkai artist. Yōkai is a Japanese term for preternatural creatures used in Japanese folklore to explain strange, supernatural or unaccountable phenomena. They have been used as motifs for toys and pictures since the 1600s and are often found as characters in popular manga or anime. Originally, however, I think that yōkai were closely linked to the night and darkness.
In a world without electric light, Japanese people feared what lurked in the darkness, sensing things with potentially dangerous powers in the night or in strange occurrences. Just as they associated light with the divine and worshipped it, they were likewise awed by darkness and aware of invisible movement within it.
Yōkai have been depicted as enemies of light, bringers of harm or simply as pranksters. Personally, I wonder if they aren’t some kind of messenger.
They attract me and also shape and inspire my means of expression.


1976  香川県小豆島に生まれる
1998  宝塚造形芸術大学卒、叶匠寿庵にて和菓子の販促物パッケージのデザイン等に関わる
2005  絵描鬼宣言
2006  個展「忠平の妖怪絵展」(小豆島 オリーブの島郵便局)
    個展「柳生忠平の妖怪絵」(京都 ギャラリー青い風)
2006.11〜2007.2「旧坂出警察署お別れプロジェクト」(香川県坂出市 旧坂出警察署)
2007  個展「化々」(銀座 ギャラリー青羅)
2008  個展「宴怪」(京都二条 雨林舎)
2009  個展「宴怪」(東京 アトランティコギャラリーSHIBUYA・亀福)
2010  企画展「絵描鬼 柳生忠平展」(高松市塩江美術館)
    イベント「いただきさんアート号 - 柳生兄妹」(高松市 中央商店街)
    個展「宴怪」(大阪 ギャラリーあしたの箱)
    個展「宴怪」(高松市 sottoprodotto)
2011  個展「雨日和」(京都二条 雨林舎)
    企画展「妖怪絵図展」(高松市 TAG)
2012  グループ展「地平線」(中国上海 雅巣画廊)
2014  個展「百鬼創造」(南青山 Triplet)
2015  個展「 百鬼楽楽」(六本木 ストライプハウスギャラリー)
    個展「柳生忠平展」(台湾 綠光+marüte)
2016 個展「 隠シ里」(六本木 ストライプハウスギャラリー)
2017 個展「 妖怪絵圖 まつろわぬものたち」(六本木 ストライプハウスギャラリー)
   個展「妖怪絵図展」(台湾 田園城市ギャラリー)
   個展「妖怪製造装置」(京都 京都場)


1976  Born on Shodoshima, an island in Kagawa prefecture, Japan.
1998  Graduated from Takarazuka University of Art and Design
Worked for Kanoshojuan Co., Ltd., a Japanese confectionary, designing packaging.
2005〜 Artist
2006 Solo Exhibition: Chubei’s Yōkai Exhibition, Kagawa
   Solo Exhibition: Chubei’s Yōkai Pictures, Kagawa
Nov. 2006~Feb. 2007 Event:Sakaide Police Station Art Project
2007 Solo Exhibition: Bakebake, Seira Gallery, Tokyo
2008 Solo Exhibition: Enkai, Urinsha, Kyoto
2009 Solo Exhibition: Enkai, Atrantico Gallery SHIBUYA/KAMEFUKU, Tokyo
2010 Solo Exhibition: Ekaki Chubei Yagyu, Takamatsu city Shionoe Art Museum, Kagawa
   Event:Itadakisan Art gou - Yagyu brother&sister,Kagawa
   Solo Exhibition: Enkai, Gallery Ashita no hako,Osaka
   Solo Exhibition: Enkai,sottoprodotto, Kagawa
2011 Solo Exhibition: Amebiyori, Urinsha, Kyoto
   Group Exhibition: Youkai pictures exhibition, Tokiwa Art Gallery, Kagawa
2012 Group Exhibition: The horizon, Yard Gallery, Shanghai China
2014 Solo Exhibition: HyakkiSozo, Gallery Triplet, Tokyo
2015 Solo Exhibition: Hyakki Rakuraku, STRIPED HOUSE GALLERY , Tokyo
Solo Exhibition: CHUBEI YAGYU, Ryokkou+marüte , Taiwan
   Solo Exhibition: Chubei’ s Yokai, gardencity bookstore gallery, Taiwan
   Solo Exhibition: Yokai Manufacturing machine, Kyotoba, Kyoto

住所 〒761-4101 香川県小豆郡土庄町甲267-61-3A  電話 090-2781-3403